Weather Station Pole Mounting Ideas

Here is a collection of the types of weather station mounting ideas from proud weather station owners. In observing these photos you will notice the many different types of locations where people locate their personal weather stations.

Weather Station Mounting Ideas

Weather Station Mounting Ideas

Mounting A Weather Station
In examining these ideas you can see that you will need to think through in your approach to successfully locating and mounting your remote sensors. If
you do this well, you will have many years of climate information being collected properly and accurately.

You will win if you pick the proper type of pole mount. You can take a look of some of the best offered on the market to use for the mounting process. You will need to secure your equipment well, so that it will stand in heavy rain, against strong wind gusts, extreme heat, and maybe even heavy snowfalls.

Think through the worst weather elements that you might experience to shield against losing or having your weather equipment damaged or destroyed. 

So location means everything to successfully collecting your weather data

What Type Of Pole Mount Will Work For You

After you have purchased your weather station many different weather station mounting ideas come to weather station mountingmind. Mounting your personally picked weather station is what you have been looking forward to doing.

You researched, and purchased your choice of stations with the end game being that you have plans for what it will deliver for you.

To maximize the instruments you now have access to will require setting them up properly. As you research this whole process you realize that buying the correct equipment is only a small part of the whole picture.

It is necessary to correctly mount your station in a location that will maximize the readings from these weather instruments.

Does The Make Matter

With this in mind, you will now need to zero in on what the manufacturer and make or model you have purchased. This will matter because of the remote sensor package that you now have.

A larger more sophisticated remote sensor unit could be as large as a couple of feet of instruments, however most remote units are around 15-18 inches in length. This will make a sizable pack that needs to be secured in a good location.

How do you figure out where to nest set this up, check out our What’s Involved in Weather Station Mounting post. We have many great points to think and act on. That will help you out with this.

So if you own an Acurite weather station then you will be dealing with an Acurite weather station mounting. You will need to find out from there manual what their specifications are and how they suggest you would set up the sensor pack.

With the AcuRite 01036 Pro Weather Station 5-in-1 sensor the mounting instructions give you the following information The included mounting bracket is designed to screw directly onto wooden posts or surfaces that are 2”x 4” or larger. The sensor can also be mounted directly to 3/4” steel pipe (available at hardware stores”

So as you can see companies will give you specific directions on a few measurements that must match up when installing the sensor on an Acurite pole mounting.

Here are some Acurite 5 in 1 mounting poles.


Davis Instruments Mounting Pole KitDavis Instruments Mounting Pole KitAmbient Weather EZ-HD-PTP Heavy Duty Mast to Mast Mounting KitAmbient Weather EZ-HD-PTP Heavy Duty Mast to Mast Mounting KitAmbient Weather EZ2-35W2MC Weather Station Pole Mounting KitAmbient Weather EZ2-35W2MC Weather Station Pole Mounting Kit

Acurite does not sell specific mounting poles but these are the mounting pole kits that you may choose from for your mounting project. These are Davis Instrument mounting poles or Ambient mounting poles too.

They can be used by any manufacturer’s product if the diameter of the coupling area match up with the PVC piping or piping that is being used to hold the sensors in place. The sensor’s come with a mounting coupler which will need to be attached to your roof or your pole or the top of your fence , etc, etc.

Here is what it looks like for the Acurite Pro 5 in 1 sensor.

Acurite Weather Station Mounting pole directions

So probably the biggest thing is just making sure the elements are not going to affect the location of your weather station. Fasten it down, using a sturdy, (strong enough) mounting pole making sure all of your connections are tightened down well.

Some of these parts are made of plastic so please note do not over tighten anything, or you may break or strip something. So remember you will get maximum usage and performance if you set up your weather station is a great location and make sure that it is secured properly, allowing it to be far enough above ground to get proper wind and temperature readings.

Again these are discussed in our What’s Involved in Weather Station Mounting post. We hope this information has guided you, we are very glad to help you out with your set up.



Install the AcuRite 5-in-1 Weather Sensor AcuRite 5-in-1 Weather Sensor installation video. AcuRite's 5-in-1 includes 5 weather features built into 1 sensor: Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction & Rainfall

Video Transcript:
"To set up your 5-in-1 sensor, you need the sensor, the mounting base, two short screws and four long screws. First, remove the battery cover located on the bottom of the sensor, then set the A/B switch to A. Insert four "AA" batteries into the sensor and close the cover. Next, fasten the mounting base to a post or pole with four screws. Insert the mounting base into the hole of the bottom of the sensor. Make sure the arrows on top of the senor are pointed in the proper direction, and the bubble level is centered. Fasten the sensor to the mounting base with two screws. Then remove and discard the rain gauge stabilizer on the bottom of the unit. Your 5-in1 sensor is now ready to use."

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