Large Tube Wind Chimes & Some Very Interesting Findings

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Where Do We Find Wind Chimes

Large Tube Wind Chimes

Large Tube Wind Chimes

Wind chimes or wind catchers are typically found in verandas, though not often. They are usually used as large window accents or included to add elegance to your kitchen space.

Your chimes are also placed outdoors, so that hearing a soothing sound while relaxing in your garden will calm your nerves and discharge stress built up over one’s work week.

Some sailors are known to utilize chimes to predict the weather and others hang them in their house to bring good luck. Very interesting I would say.

A Closer Look At the Types Of Material to Make Chimes

There are many different types of wind chimes on the market using different materials. Many different sizes everything from small wind catchers to large tube wind chimes can be found.

They can be made from metal, wood, glass, shell, bamboo, stone, stoneware, earthenware, and porcelain. The materials selected can have a large effect on the sound your wind chime produces.

Also it should be noted that the sounds generated by the different sizes of the tubes of wind chime are tunable to different notes. Just like any other musical instrument, chimes can also be tuned.

Since aluminum has the lowest damping internally among the most standard metal, aluminum wind chimes are frequently made to achieve the loudest and longest sounding chime.

Good Luck Anyone

Some large tube wind chimes are specially made to bring good luck to your front yard and porch area. You may have noticed the calming effect (usually a deep feeling of serenity) when you listen to a set of extra large and gigantic wind chimes.

The cooling effect may be because the sound emitted from those big tubes are so deep, low and resonating. Also, according to Feng Shui, those big tubes can be hung in your property in a particular direction to attract good energy and repel unwanted ones.

The good luck brought about by wind chimes was popularly known in the East, particularly in China. Some believe that a universal flow of energy surrounds us. The Chinese call it Chi.

According to this belief, wind chimes are the most powerful cure and enhancer of different situations and have been practiced for centuries. The sound emitted from chimes is used to clear and clean negative energies. Your chimes then are placed in specific designations to attract money or accumulate wealth.

Do Chimes Promote Wealth

Here are just simple ideas on wind chimes placement in your house to promote wealth.

-One of the easiest and most efficient ways to attract money is to hang your wind chime near your home’s entrance.

-The furthest back in the left corner of your property as you stand looking from the outside is known as your primary wealth place. Hanging your large tube wind chimes in this designated area is said to attract money at home.

Your main living room is also a wealth area. Place your chimes at the entrance of your main living room at the most immediate left upper corner.

-Avoid hanging a chime directly above where you sit, sleep, work, eat, or stand. Doing so is said to suppress your energy.

Do You Believe That A Tube Count Makes This Difference

-The number of tubes of your chimes also produce different results. Five tubes promote wealth. Six tubes represent heavenly luck while eight tubes represent prosperity blessings, it is the most desired number by the Chinese. As a rule of thumb, five tubes are best used to suppress bad chi, while six and eight are best used to attract good luck.

-Refrain from hanging metal chimes in trees. Wood chimes are better suited for that. Also, hanging your chimes in an area where you are facing two doors in a straight line is not advised.

A Reasonable Purpose

The type of material used for your wind chimes is also a great factor used in attracting good energy and suppressing bad Chi. Metallic chimes are said to have a desirable effect when placed in the north, northwest, and western parts.

Wooden or bamboo made chimes should be hung in the south, southeast, or eastern direction while ceramic or glass can be placed in northeast and southwest areas.

You may purchase your wind chimes for purely decorative purposes. Or the reason may be to have a soothing and relaxing effect on your nerves while resting on your porch. Or even placing them in specific areas in your home to bring good luck.

You also may even purchase your chimes just because you like listening to its tinkling sound. Ultimately, purchasing and placing your chimes at various locations of your home is ultimately up to you.

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