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wind chimes amazing grace Wind chimes are called wind catchers and even sometimes door decoratives. These are just some of the names for your favorite decorative arrangement that is usually placed on your doors and windows.

These chimes can vary in sizes and are made from such things as small pieces of glass, shells, bamboo pipes, bells, or ceramic fragments, and they all make tinkling sounds according to the breeze that blows through them.

A Little History

Before they became a fashionable home decoration, historically, they were one of the first musical instruments in recorded history. Through the transition of time, wind chimes have been modernized, not only producing its basic tinkling sound but enhanced with specific music to soothe and boost its melodic sound.

Today, the most popular choice is the wind chimes amazing grace. This specific wind catcher is tuned after the opening music of America’s most widely known and best-loved hymn, Amazing Grace.

Amazing Grace Wind Chimes Creator

The Amazing Grace Wind Chimes has been developed by the Grammy award winning musician Garry Kvistad. Garry won the Grammy Award as one of 18 musicians to win the award for the 1998 recording of Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians.

He has taken John Newton’s penned the lyrics of the hymn in the 18th century and used the music as a amazingly soothing song the chimes play when activated by the wind.

Garry Kvistad-Amazing Grace Wind Chimes Creator

Garry Kvistad-Amazing Grace Wind Chimes Creator

John Newton was a young Englishman slave trader who was transformed into a man of conviction when caught in a savage storm aboard his merchant ship.

Amazing Grace the song has stood the test of time, playing an important role in alcohol and drug recovery, the Civil Warfare, the Civil Rights Act, and recently the aftermath of the 9/11 bombings in 2001.

Amazing Grace is Beloved

While many people love the melodic and calming effect of their wind chimes amazing grace, some have concerns as to maintaining, cleaning, and deciding where to place them. Here are some easy suggestions for you.
-Some wind chimes hang from a stringed loop; others have hangings rings. No matter the type, you should hang your wind chime directly from loop or ring at the top of the product.

Further directions: use an S-hook and connect one end to the loop/ring and the other point to your door, window, a tree, or other structure. Avoid adding a string or chain when hanging your chime which can cause excessive swinging and affect the sound emitted.

Best Places To Hang Wind Chimes

  • Your wind chime can be placed at different heights. Higher elevation increases wind velocity so you can readily hear wind chime music.
  • The ideal place for hanging your chime is where the wind can blow it from many directions. You can place your chime in an open corner if you are decorating from a building.
  • Hang your chime beyond two feet of a door or a wall or too close to furniture, plants, and anything that might divert or obstruct the breeze. A screened-in porch can even impede the breeze, preventing your chime from ringing, so avoid hanging closer to the screen.
  • You can experiment with different music in some wind chimes to create an aura of sound on your own. You can also try hanging your chime during different seasons in various locations. The prevailing winds can change in every season.

Care Tips For Wind Chimes

  • Since wind chimes are usually hung outside, rust can readily form. You can use the anti-corrosive spray to treat rust in your chimes. Sprinkle a small amount on the rusted area and let it sit for five to nine minutes. The solution will then loosen the rust, wipe it off with a soft rug after that.
  • To extend the life of the chimes, bring them indoors during periods of non-use, extended vacations or winter months. You can also coat your chime with a small layer of an alloy that is rustproof.
  • Avoid hanging your chime in an area where exposure to direct sunlight is long-term.
  • Periodically wipe your chime with a damp cloth soaked with a mild detergent or a non-abrasive, foaming cleanser.
  • For the wooden parts of your chime, occasionally apply a small layer of lemon oil with a soft cloth. Regular application will help in protecting and impeding the wood’s natural aging process.
  • For the glass, cloisonne-style, ceramic, stone, and stainless steel accents, cleaning these parts using a damp cloth is advised. Mild soap can also be used, if necessary.
  • A brass cleaner can be used for the brass parts while a spray window cleaner for the crystal suncatchers or any products with crystal accents.

For More Caring Information

If you would like you may go the wind chimes original manufacturing company’s website to learn how to clean or keep clean the original Amazing Grace Wind Chime that you are interesting in purchasing or that you feel you need to protect. Amazing Grace Win Chime Caring Guide click here now

You can purchase your wind chimes amazing grace in three sizes (small, medium, and large) depending on the area where you will place them. The small size range from $30 to $40, the medium from $40 to $60, and the large size ranging from $60 to $70.


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Amazing Grace Chime - Medium by Woodstock Chimes

One of our most popular tunings, the medium size has a mid-range tone.

This chime is tuned to the inspiring tones heard in the opening measures of Amazing Grace, one of America's best loved and most widely known hymns. The lyrics were written by Englishman John Newton in the late 18th century. As a young man on board a merchant ship, Newton underwent a spiritual awakening while caught in a deadly storm at sea. This was the beginning of a journey that would lead the one-time slave trader to become a vocal abolitionist, and transform a man without conviction into one of unshakable faith. It has played an important role in drug and alcohol recovery, the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement and 9/11. Newton's message of hope and redemption from over 200 years ago resonates with the same power today in our Amazing Grace Chime.

'Tis grace has brought me safe thus far,
And grace will lead me home.
-John Newton

Removable windcatcher for easy customization.

This chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.