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my dad’s dairy farm in rural New York State

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Hello, and welcome to George Loves Weather. As we have progressed as a site, we now are growing in a few directions, that I thought I should discuss.

The goal with my site was to express my love for weather, while offering comprehensive discussions on many weather related subjects.

Closer Look at My Favorite Area

My background features my first 11 years living on my dad’s small dairy farm. So I have experience in farming, both dairy and cash cropping. Both types of farming have weather as a very large role in whether you are successful at them or not.

Back then, it could be the difference between making money this year or going to the bank and borrowing more against the farm, with hopes that next year would be better.

Farming and Weather Section

So my favorite area so far on my site is the Farming and Weather menu page. I believe our articles on farming and weather, How Weather Stations Help Farmers, Ways to Go About Dairy Cattle Stress Management, and How Weather Stations Help Gardeners to name a couple are done well, they are practical and are here to help viewers out.

I am extra excited to share some of the new weather tools from Kestrel that will improve the lives of farmers markedly.

Farming & Weather

Cash Cropping in Steuben County, New York

If you look at our reviews for these products I am sure will agree that using weather alerts are a great way to stay on top of cattle stress management.

This is and always will be key in maintaining optimal conditions for both vegetable, fruity and animal production by helping to avoid exposure to critical live threatening variables.

Have You Seen Kids And Weather

Some of my favorite posts today are about getting the younger people among us, excited about weather.

I want to see them more excited about the potential fun and mental challenge of watching, learning about forecasting.

Heck I even think reporting instrument readings in a record of history journal could be lots of fun, plus very interesting.

With my keen interest in getting younger people involved, you may want to check out our Kids and the Weather menu page articles. Get your kids, your grand kids interested in what is all around them everyday of their life.

Forecasting For Kids

Forecasting For Kids

Do they understand the elements of being outside. Do they know how clouds work? Can they tell when it’s going to rain, or how about can they even handle a tornado warning.

What to look for and what they would need to do.

Better yet introduce them to some weather instruments by having them around a kids weather station.

Great learning experience as well as life training.

We Have Had Major Interest Here

As my site has grown I have been adding more articles about things that customers have shown a great interest in. The area of weather station mounting is one of them.

How to mount a weather station, explaining the ins and outs of a good placement is essential to a great operating weather station. This will add great accuracy to your everyday living and planning and enjoyment in your weather observations.

These articles may be found at What’s Involved in Weather Station Mounting, and Top Weather Station Mounting Ideas may be found by clicking on them here.

We Have Reviews As Well

Last but not least you may search around our site for various weather station reviews from such manufacturers as AcuRite, La Crosse, Ambient, Kestrel, and Davis Instruments.

I try to be detailed , yet very honest about these products that I talk about. Hopefully helping you with buying decisions on weather equipment for casual weather observers as well as avid daily climate hobbyists.