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Hello I am George and welcome to my site! I am so happy that you have found me. That was my plan all along. I am here to provide you with the best reviews of weather stations anywhere online.

At the present time, I am not there yet, and I probably will never arrive, since new products are coming out all the time. But my goal is to keep you up to date on all major new releases on the market.

If you are like me, you are a very busy person, and you just hate to spend hours searching the internet, for some good information about your field of interest.

Finger Lakes Region

Finger Lakes Region

It seems that good information is found in small amounts, and from much searching, much time spent and from many different places.

Your interest in this case is the weather, and gathering the instrument readings hourly and daily-for your personal pleasure and use. If that is you then we a very glad you found us. I love this topic, as well. Let me help you out on your knowledge search.

I would now like to give you a tour and help you find everything we have on our site

Please Check Out Our Reviews

The centerpiece of our site is the Reviews section. We have reviews of stations from many different manufacturers and many different price points as well. We have found that as price points vary, so do the levels of craftsmanship, quality of the product. This always will follow suit as well.

With this in mind we have organized the reviews for you by level of interest.

Gorgeous Weather Down Under

Gorgeous Weather, Sydney, Australia

The casual observer of the elements will find their suggested stations together, as will the serious climate fan find theirs in one area.

As we grow our site, so will our methods of organizing change to fit. We will keep you updated on our site improvements and changes as they happen.

What You Will Find Today

Presently you will find our reviews under the menu heading of Reviews, What you will find there are all of the write-ups of the products we have covered so far.

You will find them to be very detailed, and to have numerous headings to help you find the type of information that you like to use to help you decide on your purchases.

Our headings are organized into a table of contents on each page, for your ease of moving to the section that has more meaning to you.Table Of Contents To use this, find the heading, i.e. Pros, click on Pros in the table of contents and you will be taken immediately to the Pros area of the review.

If you have other questions, we have provided support contact information for the product’s manufacturer, so that you may contact them with your questions.

If you wish to make comments, please feel free to submit them in the comment section. We check this often, and would be happy to read and post your items as meaningful additions for our site.

A Closer Look at a Review

Each review is basically formatted in the same manner. We talk about pros, cons, and give a summary of what we find in our investigation of the product. We list areas of interest such as specifications, accuracy ranges for sensor readings, and we provide a detailed description of what is included in the display unit as well as sensors and equipment provided in the remote sensor housing area of the station.

We also provide physical dimensions of both the display and the remote housing. We talk about the software, and the type of power source for the pieces of the station.

So as you can see we cover many different areas and all of this great information is provided under one roof, our website. In this section you may read some great reviews of best sellers such as

Have You Seen Our Buying Advice Articles?

Another wonderful source of knowledge found on our site is our menu heading titled “Buying Advice”. To go to this area, click on the “Buying Advice” section of our main menu.

Tranquil Weather Day

Tranquil Weather Day

This will take you to various detailed, pages of researched information on many different areas of climate instrument stations and subjects such as gardening, and farming.

In this area you will find some articles like

This area is designed to provide you with thought provoking and mind challenging information that can help you with everything from using one to finding which one is best for you.

Comparison Pages

If you are like me, you just see things better visually. I love comparison charts as a way to stack one thing up against another. It just helps me to see the picture better if I have a comparison chart.

With that in mind I think this is another way to help out. You are able to see certain products we have reviewed and how they compare with each other in areas that we have found are important decision points.

Our current comparison chart may be found at here. In this chart we are comparing seven different areas such as price, number of measurements, colored display and backlight area.

I aim to help. That is my goal, to help you in finding needed answers to questions and to write honest and informative reviews. I sincerely hope that this information will help you make the correct weather station purchase for you and your needs.

Thank You for visiting George Loves Weather

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